Manuscript Preparation Checklist

This handy checklist can serve as a guide to help you compile your manuscript materials to send to SAE. You do not need to upload this checklist with your final manuscript materials, it is for your personal use.

Remember that your manuscript must adhere to the SAE Book Author Guidelines. Manuscripts that are incomplete or do not follow the guidelines will not be accepted for publication.

Your final manuscript submission must include the following files:

Signed permissions for materials used from other sources.
Title page, including final title of book and names of all authors in sequence they should appear in book.
Executive Summary (Technology Profiles only)
Table of contents
Preface or Introduction (both, if you choose)
Text of chapters (each in their own file)
Figures (each in their own file) and figure captions (embedded in chapter text files)
About the Author text and photo
Also, please be sure you run spell check on your final manuscript!

The following files are optional to include in your final manuscript submission:

Foreword (written by someone who is a recognized name or expert in the field)
Equations and formulae (embedded in chapter text files)
Footnotes and endnotes
Supplementary material such as videos or software
List of suggested terms to include in index