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SAE seeks authors who can write books for automotive and aerospace engineers. We are currently interested in proposals for books on the following topics: powertrains, electronics, energy/environment, materials, interiors, body, chassis, design/styling, testing/simulation, manufacturing, motorsports/performance, regulations/standards, and emerging markets.

The first step is to submit a proposal so that we can thoroughly evaluate your idea.

More information about SAE's book publishing program is available through the following links:

Resellers and Distributors
SAE has an extensive line of books and e-books that we sell through a variety of channels including our reseller and distributor channel. If you would like information regarding our reseller program, please contact Arlene Sloan, email, office phone 724-772-8546, mobile phone 724-312-3308,fax 724-776-3087.

SAE has a wide range of print books and a growing list of e-books. If you are looking for books on a specific subject or if you need more in-depth information regarding any of our titles, please contact us at and we will be glad to make recommendations.

SAE publishes handbooks and fundamentals books that are popular for use in the classroom. Instructors wishing to evaluate an SAE book for possible use in the classroom may purchase a copy of the book. If you subsequently order a bulk quantity of books for the classroom, we will deduct the price of the review copy from the order.

It is also possible to license chapters and other parts of books for use in coursepack materials. Click here for details.

Content Reviewers
We are always looking for subject-matter experts to review book proposals and draft manuscripts. If you are interested in being an SAE book reviewer, please email your name, area of expertise, qualifications, and contact information to We will keep your information on file and contact you should we require a review in the area of your expertise. Those who review book proposals and draft manuscripts receive a gratis copy of the finished book, should it be published.

Qualified media representatives may receive copies of SAE books for editorial review in their publication. To request a copy of a particular book, please contact Terri Kelly, email, phone 724-772-4095.

SAE also facilitates interviews between media representatives and book authors. If there is an SAE book author you would like to interview, please call 724-772-8522 or send email to Be sure to tell us the name of the author and your contact information.

SAE partners with publishers from around the world to co-publish new titles and share in other publishing projects. Send email to if you are interested in offering a title for co-publication, or if you are interested in co-publishing any forthcoming SAE titles.