About eBooks

eBooks are electronic versions of books that can be viewed via a personal computer, laptop, or hand-held device and may consist of the entire contents of a printed book or an individual chapter.

eBooks are available in three formats (.epub, .prc, and .pdf) which can be used on a wide range of reading devices. For the .epub or .prc format, eBooks are presented as text and images that are continuously flowed. Additional features with the .epub and .prc files for eBooks include: searching, highlighting, bookmarking, notation, linking, and text-to-speech (Amazon Kindle). Also, some books that were converted to eBooks contained page-sized images or images with small text and customers can increase the font size of the text and the .pdf can always be viewed to insure clarity. With the .pdf format, eBooks are presented as an electronic copy of the printed version.

To acquire an eBook, customers purchase a downloadable file containing the eBook content, and the content is then delivered via the Internet to their PC or hand-held device.

The reading experience is dependent upon the reading device, file type, and software used to read it. The eBook file is stored on the customer's reading device and is accessible for future reading sessions. (The files are also stored in the customer's My Library on the SAE website that can be downloaded to any device that can accommodate eBooks.)

Entire eBook libraries can be downloaded and stored on portable hand-held devices, personal computers, or laptops.

eBooks are now available through a subscription to SAE's Digital Library, the most comprehensive resource for the mobility industry with more than 175,000 technical papers, standards, books and related publications—from SAE and other organizations. Learn more by trying the free demo at www.saedigitallibrary.org today!

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SAE provides its ebooks in three formats, which can be used on a wide range of reading devices. When you purchase an ebook from SAE, you will also receive a copy of the ebook in .pdf format. Depending on your reading device, special characters, which are often used in mathematical equations, may not render properly. In these cases, your device will display a question mark or a small box symbol. If you encounter this situation, you can always refer back to the .pdf file, which will show special characters. Additionally, some books that were converted to ebooks contained page-sized images, or images with small text. These images can be difficult to view on hand-held devices. In some cases, decreasing the font size in your reader resolves this problem. Again, the .pdf will provide you with the correct rendering of the image.

You may need to download ebook reader software, depending on your reading device. The links below can be used to obtain more specific information regarding the file types SAE offers, the reading devices that can use those file types, and reader software used with those devices.

.epub Typically any reader except for Kindle
Adobe Digital editions for your PC or Mac (download for free)
.prc Amazon Kindle only
.pdf Any reader or computer
Adobe Digital editions for your PC or Mac (download for free)

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