We Were The Ramchargers

This book takes you behind the scenes with the group of Chrysler engineers who, from the 1950s through the 1970s, became one of the most successful and influential drag racing teams of all time.

The only team of engineers from an automobile manufacturer to drag race successfully, the Ramchargers broke the most time barriers in drag racing history and earned the most National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Super Stock titles during the sport’s golden era of factory competition.

Dave Rockwell, a Ramcharger himself, interviewed more than 40 team members, competitors, and track operators for We Were the Ramchargers, the first book to provide inside details on all elements of the Ramchargers story.

In addition to chronicling the races they won and legendary cars they developed (including the High and Mighty, 426 Hemi, and first Funny Car), Rockwell opens corporate and personal files to take readers behind the doors at Chrysler (showing, among other things, how the Ramchargers helped pioneer the platform team concept), while revealing the personalities of the men who made it all happen.

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  • 2009-08-05
  • Published by SAE International with a Product Code of R-384, ISBN of 978-0-7680-1932-2, and 302 pages in a hardbound binding. Table of Contents
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"I am a drag racer from the 60s and was there during many of the Ramchargers wins. I have never seen a more complete and totally accurate assessment of the Ramchargers. Just excellent work. I was up until 3 a.m. reading it the first day the book arrived... Thanks to Dave Rockwell and all who contributed. It's a must-have for any Chrysler race fan, period. Thanks again. I'm getting some more copies for Xmas presents." --Bill Stevens, Monrovia, Maryland

“I'll leave all the details to Rockwell and his book, a book packed with wonderful stories, a succession of photographs and engineering drawings that will be cherished by those who have fond memories of the candy-striped Ramchargers cars, and by those who may have heard of the team but are too young to seen it in action at the drag strip." --Larry Edsall, izoom.com

“Once I got revved up reading of the great Ramcharger drag race moments in David Rockwell's book I flew through the pages in record elapsed time.” -- Gene Yetter, allpar.com

“It only took about 10 minutes of reading this book for me to arrive at the conclusion of ‘what a great book and to know that I was not going to be able to put it down’. The detailed accounts of how it all started and played out over the years, simply blew me away. It is written in a manner that draws you into the story and struggle of this group of die-hard engineers and racers without whom the history of drag racing and the “HEMI” would not be the same.” --George D. Crittenden, NitroGeezers.com

“I've been missing lots of sleep for the past few days and it's all because of Dave Rockwell's new book We Were The Ramchargers. Once I started reading it I was hooked. Stashed by the bed, I've been reading it every night before nodding off. The problem is, these reading sessions are supposed to last a half hour or so but have grown to three hours. The book is so good I just keep going until the birds are chirping” --Steve Magnante, MoparMax Magazine

We Were The Ramchargers tells a story that has long been missing from the history of American automobile racing. The fact that this history has been told by the people who shared the hardships and the victories will make it a valuable resource to future car enthusiasts who will wonder how drag racing and the American automobile evolved during the 1960s.” --Kevin Clemens, SpeedReaders.info

“Books on drag-racing history don’t get more authentic than this in-depth study of Chrysler’s factory team effort… this highly readable story covers every angle of the team that dominated Super Stock and Funny Cars during the muscle-car era. A must-read for any Hemi enthusiasts.” --Mick Walsh, Classic & Sports Car magazine, England

"Every area of interest has its “must read” books and the popular sport of drag racing is no exception. The bottom line is, one can’t call himself or herself a drag race aficionado and not read this book anymore than one wanting to become a doctor, but hasn’t read Grey’s Anatomy." --Al Vinikour, MotorwayAmerica.com
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