Automotive Lubricants Reference Book, Second Edition

The automotive lubricants arena has undergone significant changes since the first edition of this book was published in 1996. Environmental concerns have dominated both newspaper headlines and industry board rooms in recent years, with particular attention being given to the improvement of air quality. Reduced emissions are directly related to changes in lubricant specifications and quality, and the second edition of this book reflects the urgency of these matters by including updated and expanded detail of these changes and provides a solid foundation to this important element of automotive engineering.

Chapters include:

  • Introduction and Fundamentals
  • Practical Experiences with Lubricant Problems
  • Performance Levels, Classification, and Specification
  • Blending, Storage, Purchase, and Use
  • The Future
  • and more
  • This second edition also considers the recent phenomenon of increased consolidation within the oil and petroleum additive arenas, which has resulted in fewer people for research, development, and implementation, along with fewer competing companies. Of significant importance is the consideration that a more consolidated oil industry -- in need of greater and longer-term returns on investments -- may be less apt to respond to automobile manufacturers' requirements for rapid specification changes.

    The Automotive Lubricants Reference Book, Second Edition addresses these and many other important issues by providing a solid foundation to this important element of automotive engineering. Comprehensive and timely, this important publication is an ideal reference for anyone involved in the automotive lubricants industry.

    • 2004-09-03
    • Published by SAE International and Professional Engineering Publishing with a Product Code of R-354, ISBN of 978-0-7680-1251-4, and 760 pages in a hardbound binding. Table of Contents
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