Automobile Design

This book takes an in-depth look at the lives, personalities, and technical achievements of 12 preeminent engineers who made significant and lasting contributions to the design and development of the automobile over the last century.

From early pioneers such as Amedee Bollee pere, whose first steam-driven vehicle took the road in 1878, to more recent innovators such as Colin Chapman, pace-setter of the Grand Prix scene, Automobile Design presents twelve penetrating design and character studies that will fascinate all automobile enthusiasts and historians.

Other early pioneers covered include:

  • Frederick Lanchestser
  • Henry M. Leland
  • Hans Ledwinka
  • Marc Birkigt
  • Ferdinand Porsche
  • Harry Miller
  • Vittorio Jano
  • Gabriel Voisin
  • Alec Issigonis
  • Dante Giacosa, et. al.
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    • 1992-02-01
    • Published by SAE International with a Product Code of R-115, ISBN of 978-1-56091-210-1, and 411 pages in a softbound binding.
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    "This is a fantastic look behind the curtains of some of the men who created the industry and vehicles we know today. These men are portrayed as people, not just in terms of their careers and creations." - Christopher A. Sawyer, The Virtual Driver
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    "A must for any student of the automobile...From the beginning, brilliant, competitive people fought battles to improve performance, economy, durability and styling, and the result is the car we all take for granted." - CHOICE

    "A historical record for engineers as well as a gripping nostalgic account of the great and the good." - Automotive Engineer

    "Most readers with any technical interest in cars will find this book absorbing." - Car Design & Technology

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