Once Upon a Time in the Woods - Bundle Pack (6)

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This beautifully illustrated education book, part of the innovative A World In Motion program, teaches engineering principles to primary-age children through an imaginative and exciting story.

Once upon a time, all the trees on earth lived very close together. They enjoyed each other’s company until the ground got a little too crowded. Then they had a problem. But what should they do next? Only one thing was clear-they needed to make more room before it was too late.

In Once Upon a Time in the Woods readers will learn the ways in which seeds are dispersed in nature, including how the wind propels them, how wind speed and seed weight affect the distance they travel.

Illustrated by Michele Shortly

Buy the Set of Four Children's Books

  • The Three Little Pigs' Sledding Adventure
  • Malarkey and the Big Trap
  • Once Upon a Time in the Woods
  • The Rocket Age Takes Off

    Proceeds of the sale of this book will benefit the pre-college programs of the SAE Foundation. To learn more about the SAE Foundation’s STEM education programs, visit www.saefoundation.org.

  • Published:
    • 2011-02-01
    • Published by SAE International and One Touch Point Berman with a Product Code of PRIM-003-6, ISBN of 978-0-7680-7649-3 in a softbound binding.
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