Real Lean: Unsolved Problems in Lean Management, Vol 6

Real Lean (Volume Six) shines a bright light on several major unsolved problems in Lean management and also identifies practical countermeasures using creative and original Lean thinking. This final volume of the Real Lean series includes a special interview with the retired CEO of The Wiremold Company, Art Byrne, reflecting on his nearly 30 years of Lean practice.

This volume also helps focus the Lean community’s attention on specific areas to work on in order to advance manager’s understanding and practice of Lean management.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Contributed Unsolved Problems
  • Too Few Lean Companies
  • Make Lean Simple for Executives
  • Tired Executives
  • Short Attention Span
  • Unchanged Attitudes
  • Where Are the Lean Economists?
  • Inadvertently Doing Harm
  • Thinking Defects
  • Blind to Blind Spots
  • Mutant Lean
  • Crazy Processes, Krazy Managers
  • Stuck on Zero
  • Leanpolitik
  • Lean Without Thinking
  • Editing Reality
  • Faulty Ideas Living Large
  • Putting Lean Into Orbit
  • Curse of the Change Agent
  • Progress Without Progressivism
  • A Centuries-Long Process
  • Published:
    • 2010-10-01
    • Published by The Center for Lean Business Management, LLC with a Product Code of B-912, ISBN of 978-0-9845400-0-6, and 225 pages in a softbound binding. Table of Contents
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